The Human Design For Business Program

Embrace the HD Revolution

The archaic one-sized fits all approach to growing, selling, and marketing an online business are becoming extinct.

Embrace the HD Revolution.

Cultivate Your Emergent Business Ecosystem

Using the Power of Human Design

If you're tired of:

  • Jumping from trend to trend that never seem to work for you.

  • The Treadmill of Content Creation...

  • Throwing offers at the wall hoping that something sticks....

  • Having to choose between your life and your business...

  • Having to choose between your life and your business...

  • The Treadmill of Content Creation...

  • Throwing offers at the wall hoping that something sticks....

  • Jumping from trend to trend...

It's time to stop treating the symptoms in your business.

"I highly recommend joining HD Your Biz and journeying through deeper levels of yourself with Jamie's guidance."

I'd heard bits and pieces about Human Design a year or so before meeting Jamie when she presented to a mindset group I'm in. I instantly knew I wanted to learn more from her. Jamie knows her stuff – not only business-related, but about all aspects of Human Design. The HD Your Biz program weaves the two together in helpful ways, and the resources she's created for students are very detailed and thorough. She's also super helpful in giving feedback and answering any question you could think of! I highly recommend joining HD Your Biz and journeying through deeper levels of yourself with Jamie's guidance.

Leah Pancheri

End the Cycle of Stuck

We're told to show up daily, be consistent, try this trend, post on every platform, do this type of offer not that, create false urgency, & put the pressure on to sell....



And Over IT!

Quantity doesn't equal Quality content that Converts

Throwing content, offers, & trends at the wall HOPing that something sticks

The False Urgency Pressured Clients who then create problems

You are passionate about making an impact but you are tired of having to sacrifice yourself, your integrity, & your sanity for your success so you've settled.

You've settled for playing small, sticking to one to one work because it is too overwhelming, too much keeping up, and too hard to juggle both the current business, the marketing and the offer creation.

And you just keep hoping things will get better but...

You've been treating the symptoms in your business and you haven't gotten to the root of the problem.

And you've probably tried to.....

  • Create a group offer (or two) only to have mediocre results then be told to create another new offer & starting the process all over again.

  • Develop content consistently only to feel like you are yelling into a dark hole & posting a post for the sake of "being consistent" with no strategic intent.

  • Gain momentum with a leveraged offer only to be left floundering by all there is to learn & do leaving your burnt out & disenchanted with the online world.

  • Codify your expertise but struggled to find the time to build the foundation for this new iteration of your business, while simultaneously marketing your business, & delivering in your existing business leaving you juggling & struggling.

In my 19 years of supporting entrepreneurs, I've seen the struggle to develop an enduring offer while cultivating a community & creating quality marketing content again & again. The reality is many gurus have a homogenized, one sized fits all approach for entrepreneurs and keep them in a cycle of stuck - creating new thing, after new thing, posting on social media with no strategic intent, & keep them working in the business instead of on the business.

In this process, entrepreneurs become disenchanted, burnt out, overwhelmed & frustrated because their expectations aren't met and they feel zero hope that they will be able to sustain doing things in this manner for any period of time, let alone ongoing in their business.

Embrace the HD Revolution

In order to create a regenerative, sustainable, human design aligned business you must first cultivate a business ecosystem & foundation that compounds while paying you dividends over time...

If you are ready to build a life & biz you love synonymous with your human design then it is time to embrace the revolution &

HD Your Biz.

Most experts advice is formulaic and homogenized. They keep you in a cycle of stuck focusing on work that doesn't pay you dividends. They proclaim hustle and productivity above all else and treat their clients like minions. They shame and blame when their formulaic, one-size fits all approach approach doesn't work and try to sell you into their next offer.

Most "guru's" and experts don't want you to know - that many of the most wildly successful businesses start by first by focusing on one area of expertise - one offer, one ideal client, one community and cultivating that marketing plan and business model.

But the reality is if these guru's and experts keep you in the cycle of stuck, focusing on work task after task, they keep you coming back, trend hoping, until glittery object syndrome sets in and you jump on another offer. The entire process leaves feeling frustrated, deflated, and hopeless that you will ever build a business you love that can run without you.

I know because I've been there. I've witnessed it in the hundreds of clients I've support in my nearly two decades of business.

It is time to STOP treating the symptom &

instead of getting to the root of the problem.

In order to develop a business that thrives you have to cultivate a human design aligned foundation at the intersection of your design, desires and lifestyle. You must develop assets. You must spend time on the work that pays you dividends and compounds over time instead of focusing the work gives you a quick win or dopamine hit.

Let's put an end the cycle of stuck once and for all. When we are constantly treating the symptom, and chasing the quick fix, we do not take (or have) the time to develop the foundation we so desperately need in order to create a HD congruent regenerative business ecosystem. This "treats the symptom", not the root approach to growing a business is becoming extinct.

When we focus on creating, cultivating, & building a nuanced foundation we develop assets that compound & pay us dividends in our business - which in turn develops a sustainable ecosystem.

This is how we birth a regenerative business & life we love that is synonymous with our human design.

The business you love is waiting for you at the

intersection of your design, desires and lifestyle.

You can have both a life and business you love.

Define The Intersection of your design, Desires & biz to cultivate a life you love

Develop a business ecosystem & foundation that regenerates over time by design

Create marketing, offer & sales Assets with Ease in congruence with your design & desires

I see you. You are the expert in your field, yet you are floundering to get out of one to one work. You have tapped out your time and therefor your income. You know you have a gift to give to the world yet you struggle to work on your business because you too busy in your business. Perhaps you've tried to launch a course or a group but you got overwhelmed by the process or you were shamed and blamed about not following all the steps. Perhaps it felt inauthentic to pressure clients into buying or you couldn't seem to get all the pieces together to get it off the ground. You've tried to be consistent and show up in your marketing yet your community doesn't seem to grow & thrive.

I see you. I was you. I've seen it all. And I've supported entrepreneurs just like you for my entire career.

You are in the cycle of stuck working on the next task in front you and putting off the big tasks that will actually grow your business because you can't seem to find the time to focus. There is hope. You can have the success, time freedom and lifestyle you desire when you cultivate it intentionally and by design. You are here to make an impact, you are a disrupter in your industry and you want to challenge the status quo and the way its always been done. You want to change lives while also living your best life.
You want success and freedom. You want impact and peace. You want a business where you do work you love that pays you dividends while you take time off. You want to wake up to sales and notes of recognition because your content creates pull and is just that transformational. You are ready to take action and build a business synonymous with you human design.

I have supported hundreds of entrepreneurs in moving out of one to one work and into a strengths based business model which is regenerative and pays them dividends over time. I have supported:

  • Authors in nourishing a membership

  • Lawyers in launching their first course

  • Life coaches in building out their IP

  • Service provides in creating group programs while launching without a social media presence

  • eCommerce owners in developing digital assets

  • Business coaches in building low ticket offers

  • Therapists in bridging to the online world

There has yet to be an industry or niche that I have not been able to cultivate and nourish a regenerative business ecosystem, develop a marketing strategy that nourishes and sell in a way that feels really good.

Now is the time build a business ecosystem by design.

Create a enduring offer, FOCUS, develop biodiversity marketing that resonates & regenerates and finally sell in harmony with who you are.

Embrace the HD Revolution

It's time to build a biz (& life) you love that sparks joy, abundance & flow.

This is for

Entrepreneurs • Coaches • Speakers • Authors • Service Providers • Visionaries • Experts • Creatives

“Not only does she understand the practices of entrepreneurs, but she brings a formidable element to the table: how to align Human Design with best marketing and sales practices so the totality of who you are as a person shines as bright as any star."

I've been working online for two decades and know my way around offers and marketing.I've also worked with some pretty fine coaches who understood, supported, and helped me on my path. But no one has pulled it together as Jamie has.

Not only does she understand the intricate, technological process of managing an online company, she has a knack reserved for that rare class of humans we selectively call genius: the ability to take highly complex, nuanced concepts and wrangle them into a clear, cohesive framework that anyone can follow.

And she does this over and over again. With each layer she teaches us about how to best serve clients, her down-to-earth simplicity and crystal-clear explanations conceal the vast range of her intelligence.

~Ariane Goodwin, Ph.D, artist ally, supporting insight into the creative mindset

Ariane Goodwin, Ph.D

Artist Ally & Author

What can you expect...

  • Get clear on how to create Brandfluence in your business that expands organically

  • Finally create an enduring & timeless offer which is an asset in your business.

  • Market yourself in sync with your human design so that creating content goes from chore and abhor to ease and flow

  • Finally focus on building assets that cultivate a business ecosystem, build the foundation & compound over time to pay you dividends

  • Say goodbye the social media treadmill & say hello to content that gains traction over time with a lifespan of weeks, months & even years.

  • Understand the language & the sales competencies of your design that you can leverage to sell in way that feels authentic & easy.

  • Embrace a individualized & differentiated approach to creating, cultivating & nourishing a business ecosystem by embracing - one offer, one client, & one marketing strategy to thrive.

It's time to embrace the revolution & develop a

regenerative business ecosystem which pays you

dividends over time synonymous with your human design.

HD Your Biz has been such a powerful program! I have NEVER felt more seen!"

"This is hard to put into words. I've struggled finding alignment in my business from the start - over 5 years ago. I would see a program, or online guru impacting so many people's lives and think "That's what I want to do!" and I'd get so excited and dive into learning every aspect of that business model, offering it to client's, working hours and hours and completely burning myself out. I felt so much "should" hanging over my business and my life I "should" be offering this. I "should" be working harder. I "should" be doing this. I was in a continuous cycle of searching, learning, doing, burning out.

Then I heard about Human Design and I kept seeing Jamie's posts on Facebook about the different types. She talked about understanding your Human Design and using that information to find alignment and, even more importantly, contentment in your business. I jumped at the chance to find alignment and figure out the offer containers and marketing styles that worked for my Human Design. HD Your Biz has been such a powerful program I've discovered how to optimize my energy for my Manifesting Human Design. I've pivoted my offers to align with how I show up best in my business. I've uncovered societal conditioning that kept me stuck in a burn out cycle. I've found my voice and have been empowered to step into the leader I am. No more hiding. No more "should".

Thank you Jaimie for creating this program to help business owners find the way to build their business in accordance with who they are and not some cookie cutter strategy that works against each person's unique energy. I have never felt more seen.

Tamara MacDonald

Funnels on Fire

let’s Delve into the Details...

Here is what We Explore in This Program

Module 1: The Weather, the Wonder & The Why

The Fundamentals of Your HD Aligned ONline BUsiness Ecosystem

Understand the elements in order to create, cultivate, & nourish a business ecosystem. Dive into the climate of your industry, the weather of your human, the wonder of your offer and your BIG WHY.

  • Come away with a clear understanding of the realities of where you are with respect to getting where you want to be and forge a plan to your destination.

  • We'll even include how to understand your strengths, decision making style, values, vision and more

  • And a navigation tool by design to help you map the journey ahead.

module one

Module Two

Module 2: Brandfluence®

Developing a remarkable & memorable Brand that cultivates Pull

Understand the 8 ingredients of your design to foster a brand that prospers and how they connect to your human design. Create, cultivate and infuse Brandfluence in your presence and essence. Cross the threshold into the world of a trademark brand which transcends.

  • Come away with the Brandfluence Difference and a clear plan to infuse Brandfluence in your essence and presence.

  • We'll even include the 8 essential ingredients to synthesizing a Brandfluence in Your Business & Offers.

  • And a coalescing checklist to ensure you an infusing the ethos of your presence & essence in every aspect of your brand.

Module 3: Enduring Offers in HD

Creating & Cultivating the ultimate Timeless offer

Selecting an offer that endures, which can withstand the test of time is key to cultivating a Business Ecosystem that thrives. Uncover the intersection of your design, destination, & expertise to discern the ultimate timeless offer and allow it to emerge.

  • Come away with the elements of a Timeless Offer and how to cultivate one in your business by design.

  • We'll even include a workbook of examples and case studies for you to leverage as a jumping off point.

  • And bonus access to Business Design with Human Design - The Course.

module Three

Module Four

Module 4: Biodiversity Marketing

The Macro, Micro, & Nano of your Biosphere

Marketing that pays dividends and compounds over time. Say goodbye to trends and hello to steady, predictable, growth over time with design congruent marketing strategies.

  • Come away with a clear path for next steps on marketing yourself in synergy with your human design.

  • We'll even include the The Marketing Menu for decision making ease.

  • And the 8 core competencies of macro content with your design in mind.

Module 5: Discover Your Habitat to Thrive

Captivate Your Human with content the sticks

Each of us a designed to be differentiated but that is often forgotten when it comes to showing up in your marketing on social media. Understand the ethos of each platform and what is needed to thrive there while overlaying that with your human design, business goals, and human.

  • Come away with an understand of your content pillars

  • We'll even include 12 Varieties of social media posts with examples

  • And a Marketing By Gate Strengths so you understand the questions and content your gates create.

module five

Module six

Module 6: Traffic & Weather - The Reality Check

The equanimity of Creating & Marketing

Understanding the traffic and weather of your community is a key aspect to cultivating a thriving business ecosystem. The three-pronged approach to traffic - paid, organic, earned, with an emphasis on earned is a core competent to thriving.

  • Come away with the fundamentals of your traffic and the three pronged approach to traffic for your timeless offer synonymous with your human design.

  • We'll even include how to find the balance between creating your offer and marketing your business.

  • And a reality check on expectations with your emerging offer and your marketing efforts.

Module 7: Narratives the Flourish

The 12 Stories to cultivate & captivate Your Community

People love to buy but they hate to be sold. Humans live in story. Discover the 12 Resonant Stories every entrepreneur needs to captivate, cultivate and create to engage their community. Including the building blocks of stories through the lens of the channels in your chart.

  • Come away with the strategic intent of 12 Narratives Stories which pave the way for client trust.

  • We'll even include Navigating Narrative Nuance - The Strategic Elements of Enthralling Stories

  • And examples of each of the stories with a clear understanding of how to discern & develop these stories over time.

module Seven

Module eight

Module 8: The 8 Conversion Competencies

The nuance of selling in congruence with Your Design

People love to buy but they hate to be sold. Yet, we so often make it hard for people to buy from us. Discover the conversion competencies to create copy that converts and your sales strengths by design.

  • Come away with a fundamental understanding of selling through conversion tools & the 8 conversion competencies need in order to convert someone from a browser to a buyer.

  • We'll even include selling strengths for each gate.

  • And the elements of a high converting sales page that builds trust.

Module 9: Ascension Anchors

The pathway to Client engagement, Transformation & Evolution

People often focus on generating more leads instead of nourishing the clients they have. Let's delve into once you get a client how to get them to evolve, ascend, refer and fall in love with you and your brand in congruence with your type, profiles, & defined centers.

  • Come away with a clear understanding of where you must plant ascension anchors in your business!

  • We'll even include templates & wordtracks by design to support you in seeding what's next for clients.

  • And how best to support your adult learner in finishing your offer through the variables in their chart.

module Nine

Module Ten

Module 10: Regenerative Growth by Design

Laying the Foundation of Organic growth for Yourself & Your Biz

The goal is to create a business that regenerates, compounds and grows with ease (and minimal effort) once the foundation is developed. The foundation of this starts with really great implementation combined with oscillating between long and short term thinking and optimization over time.

  • Come away with a clear plan of next steps to build your business ecosystem

  • We'll even include the HD Your Business Compass to guide your journey.

  • And tips for each type and profile.

Bonus 1: HD Create - Mini Course

Develop your course or program in alignment with your HD

In this 4-week mini-course, you'll learn the essential elements of the build out and development of a course or programs. This is step by step mini- course on the developing and creating the materials, content and lessons for a educational offer. This mini-course drops late August of 2023.

  • Come away with a clear understanding how to outline, develop and create your course, program or offer in synergy with your human design.

  • We'll even include templates to accelerate human design

module one

bonus Two

Bonus 2: Minding the Tide of Your Mindset

The Should's, Could's & ought to's - Recognizing when you are out of synergy with your design.

This class is designed to support you in recognizing with more speed when you are out of alignment with your human design so that you can get back on track more quickly.

  • Come away with with an understanding of what your not self sounds like.

  • We'll even include a quick reference guide to keep at your desk.

Bonus 3: HD Snapshot - The Audio Experience

Experience the Depth of human Design in a Private Podcast Feed

This is a 1 Year access to a private podcast with an audio collection of delving into the different aspects within your human design chart. This private podcast feed is customized to your human design blueprint and includes information on your type, profile, 9 centers, definition, authority, and the gates and channels. Each private podcast feed includes over four hours of content with action items, questions, and tips for getting into the high expression of your human design.

  • Come away with a better understanding of your type, profile, centers & gates.

  • We'll even include an ebook of human design terminology

  • And if you've already purchased the Audio Experience we will upgrade your audio experience to include your variables, bridge gate and incarnation cross.

module Three

bonus Four

Bonus 4: Gate Strengths eBook Marketing & Sales Edition

Understand the nuance of the gates in human design and how they community

Be one of the first to receive Jamie's Gate Strengths ebook tailored around marketing and sales. Including content prompts and questions for how each gate communicates and sells.

  • A Digital version of the Marketing Edition of the Gate Strengths EBook

  • A Marketing Communication Map to Simplify the process

The HD Your Biz Transformation Promise -

Once you encounter the nuance of this human design aligned program you will never be able to unsee how you can build a business by design. This is the ONLY program of it's type in existence.

Embrace the HD Revolution

Nourish a Emergent Business Ecosystem Synonymous with Your Human Design.

13 Weeks of Teachings

13 Weeks of Q & A Support Calls

Ebook, Swipe Files, & Templates

HD Your Biz Community

The HD Your Biz Workbook

Hd Your Biz Private Podcast







HD Create - Mini Course

Minding the Tide of YOur Mindset



HD Snapshot - The Audio Experience

Gate Strengths EBook - marketing Edition



Total Value = $8620

Regular Price = $2888

Today’s Price = $1497

With two payment plan options available

3 monthly payments @ $529

6 monthly payments @ $282

Mariah Bennett

I could go through the course 5 more times & each time I’d be able to layer on a new insight to be aware of!

This course is a really good tool for deeper self-awareness, to support me while I’m discovering what works best for me/my business. Jaime has been a helpful and patient teacher in this journey. Jaime shines light on so many ways to leverage my human design in my business.I could go through the course material on my own 5 more times and each time I’d be able to layer on a new insight to be aware of, so that I can counterbalance any potential things that do not support my overall vision and mission for my business and life. While finding multiple ways to leverage other traits that show in my HD, but I hadn’t noticed in my life before.The fact that this is so personalized, and Jaime not only has 15+ years of experience running different types of businesses, but experience coaching clients while leveraging


How Me and My Human Design Support You in HD Your Biz®

Hi I'm Jamie! Entrepreneur, Human Design Business (& Life) Strategist & Steward. I'm a 3/5 triple split, energy projector with emotional authority. I'm here to teach, guide and steward you on your journey to developing a business ecosystem synonymous with your design and desires.

As a 3rd line, in business for myself for nearly two decades, I've experienced A LOT. My 3rd line trial and error saves you time and aggravation. I bring my two decades of business expertise in running an social media marketing and web development firm combined with exclusively supporting entrepreneurs for my entire career. I am deeply embedded with the ways of the entrepreneurs.

As a 5th line, I come in to shine a light on a new way to do things, which I am assuming is why you are here. If you want a traditional plug and play approach that treat the symptom, I'm not your gal. If you want a differentiated, individualized approach to developing your business, that honors who you are and holds space for your depth, that me!

3rd line trial & Error Saving Your Time & Aggravation

I have a synthesizing mind, I see connections where others don't between different things. I weave a vibrant thread between them. In business, this supports you pulling together, your design, expertise, and desires to create a comprehensive approach with multiple pathways to get there and the details (& pitfalls) that may come up along the way. I attribute this to my Channel of Acceptance 17-62 & Cross of Planning. My Gate 2 can help you discern which direction to take and if you are short on ideas I'll tap into Gate 11.

My Channel of Struggle 38-28 will support you in discerning what is of value in your business to bring to fruition and my Gate 18 has a keen eye on how your offer, marketing & sales pages better.. With five Gate 9 placements, I can help you discern what to focus on next.

As a projector, I am a natural guide & can tune into how you can most potentially leverage your energy, and discern your natural strengths and talents. My defined heart supports you in understanding how worthy you are and how to find success in business. My 4th color Wanting perspective, will look at the climate of your industry to discern what is missing and what is need so that you can stand out. While my Gate 10 embodies my own individuality, it empowers you to do the same.

Jamie Palmer

Human Design Business Strategist

Honor Your Strategy & Authority

Space & Grace

For all cohorts of HD Your Biz I have opted to keep enrollment open and evergreen. During this iteration of the program, I have decided to revamp and deepen some of the content while making this more action oriented. Meaning that as the group progresses throughout our time together the work we do together will stack.

What does this mean for you? This means that I will be closing the doors so that the group can come together as a cohort and work together during the duration of the program to gain clarity, grow and get into action.

I am intentionally keeping the doors open to the program to give each of you the time to honor your authority and decision making style in order to make an informed decision about if this program is correct for you. The self-study program begins the week of May 5 and you can enroll at any time.

Of course, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me personally on voxer, I'm jamielpalmer or via email at

Embrace the HD Revolution

Nourish a Emergent Business Ecosystem Synonymous with Your Human Design.

13 Weeks of Teachings

13 Weeks Q & A Calls

HD Your Biz Community

Ebook, Swipe Files, & Templates

The HD Your Biz Workbook

Hd Your Biz Private Podcast







HD Create - Mini Course

Minding the Tide of Your Mindset



HD Snapshot - The Audio Experience

Gate Strengths EBook - marketing Edition



Total Value = $8620

Regular Price = $2888

Today’s Price = $1497

With two payment plan options available

3 monthly payments @ $529

6 monthly payments @ $282

There Is A Better Way. Introducing...

Cultivate Your Emergent Business Ecosystem Using the Power of Human Design

13 Weeks of LIVE Teachings

13 Weeks of Q & A Calls

Ebook, Swipe Files, & Templates

The HD Your Biz Workbook

Hd Your Biz Private Podcast






HD Create - Mini Course

Minding the Tide of Your Design



HD Snapshot - The Audio Experience

Signed Hd Your Biz Book



HD Social Media Snapshot


Total Value = $7620

Regular Price = $2888

Today’s Price = $1497

With two payment plan options available

4 monthly payments @ $388

6 monthly payments @ $297

Stirling Garnder

Stirling Gardner Consulting

Jamie is a phenomenal facilitator.

The biggest game changer for me by far is knowing I need a specific place to do whatever activity it is I am wanting to do. For example, I need a specific place to work, a specific place to workout/exercise, and a specific place where none of those overlap to be able to be with my wife.

Learning my human design took things I felt about myself and made it abundantly clear those feelings were there for a reason. This validation is kind of like going through life with bad eyesight and trying to make your way through the world. If you have ever put in a new pair of prescription glasses, human design insights are like putting those on for the first time when everything instantly becomes crystal clear.


Have any questions?


You do not need to have any prior knowledge of human design to enroll in this course. This program includes the bonus items of the HD Snapshot - The Audio Experience to give you a fundamental understanding of the basics and it is structured so you only have what applies to you and your human design.

If you do know your human design and have been living your human design experiment this program will support you in both deepening that knowledge and how to weave your human design into your timeless offer, marketing, social media, content, copy and sales conversions.


The HD Your Biz® Program, is the first and only program of its kind where the layers of human design is woven into the different aspects of your business. In this program, I synthesize human design with a timeless offer, marketing, content creation, SEO, traffic, sales, marketing, and ascension.  These are the business ecosystem fundamentals you need in order to build a regenerative business fondation. This program is heavily focused on looking at multiple aspects of your chart in order to discern what the intersection of your design, your desires, and your business. 

I delve into type, profile, authority, definition, circuitry, centers and variable so that we can understand how the parts impact the whole of your chart. I also ask you to consider your goals, how you want to support clients and more on this journey. Plus I take into consideration the different types of content creation, sales & marketing strategies and more. 



In my mind, I keep calling this HD Your Biz 2.0. After running the HD Your Biz Cohort 4 times, I have found patterns with clients and am moving my body of work forward. My experience in being in the thick of it with clients and their design has deepening and I have evidence that the synthesis that I am sharing in this revamped edition not only works but clients are thriving. This is an entirely new lens for bringing HD and Biz together and I am the only person doing it this way.

If you have taken HD Your Biz Previously or Business Design with Human Design - The Course - this program goes deeper, covers more topics, provides action steps, and gives you more time and support from me. My goal for you in this program is to not only have a plan but to begin embedding this work into your business as we go along.


HD Your Biz® a 13 week self-study program structured with a weekly content drop and workbook. Content drops every Monday for 13 weeks. There is a support community where you can post any questions that come and the JLP LLC Team will answer along with the collective.

As someone who has spent their career supporting adult learners, I do my very best to keep you engaged while meeting the needs of multiple learning styles. Each of the content drops are divided into the human design part and the business part. The human design part is divided up so that you only have to watch the part that resonates with you. We include a transcription of the call, slides if applicable, along with captions. As well as workbooks.

If you have a specific learning need please don't hesitate to reach out to my team. We always do our best to accommodate.

How is the HD YOur Biz program different than other programs out there?

The HD Your Biz Program is the synthesis and culmination of my 19 years of owning my business, supporting and helping entrepreneurs thrive and my 4 immersive years of studying human design.

One of my client's, who has worked with me for the past 7 years joked that, "You've been coaching me to my design since before you knew human design." Someone told me this is called unconscious competence and this has been the case for so many of my clients I have supported over the years.

When I began to toy around with the idea of creating a human design for business program in late 2020, I reached out to many of my former agency and coaching clients to offer a human design reading. I was shocked to learn that the advice I had given them was already aligned to their design.

Now having supported over a 250 students through my HD aligned offerings in the past few years, my knowing, expertise, experience and the evidence to support my teaching has only deepened.

My programs and offers are not formulaic, like look at you unconscious this and your conscious that. Human design is nuanced and deep. While it is important to look at the parts you also must consider the whole. I consider the person sitting in front of me and the life that they want to create for themselves.

How can I use this content? I want to leverage this content with my own clients. Is there an option for that?

The content taught in this program is for your use, in your business. When purchasing this program it gives you 1 personal use license. This means you can use the teachings and content taught in this program to support you in your business. You may not share, distribute or teach this information to others without the express written consent of Jamie Palmer Consulting LLC.

The contents of this program is the intellectual property and unique synthesis of Jamie Palmer and Jamie Palmer Consulting LLC. It is not for distribution. If you are found in breach of this you will be immediately removed from the program, with no refunds. I intend to enforce any breach of this agreement legally.

If you would like to become a HD Your Biz Certified Professional please fill out this form to apply. I am going to accept a very limited number of professionals to license this content. There is an additional 4 weeks of content and support for those who become certified. If you plan to apply for this,

I recommend that you are already using human design in your business in some capacity to support clients or you have a minimum of two years of living your human design experiment.

Are you ready to dive in?

The Time is Now to create, cultivate & build a life you love synonymous with your human design.

The reality is the online business world is in the midst of a revolution. A revolution that is going to require an approach that honors the individual provides a depth of expertise and feels congruent to who we are as a human. The one sized fits all approach to building a business is going extinct

Its homogenized. I hear on almost a daily basis that people are sick and tired of the shallow, bland cookie cutter approach to not only building their own business but supporting their clients. Entrepreneurs are burnt out by their businesses running them and they are tired of keeping up with trends


People are craving depth, impact, understanding and simply want to be seen for who they are. They yearn for cultivating a life that is congruent

with who they are and the goals they want to achieve. Gone are the days of having to choose one or the other.

You can have both. The evolution is here. It's time to step off the cycle of stuck and build a business by design Will you dive in?

xx, Jamie

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