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Are you tired of living your life in sepia

feeling resistance every step of the way?

It’s time to live your life in HD

using your unique Human Design blueprint to finally activate your business genius

10 weeks to human design your aligned biz (and life)

So you've fallen out of love with your business...

Overwhelmed? Overworked? Underpaid? Frustrated?

You are tired of...

• the trial & error process of discerning which business model is for you

• Battling the dreaded burnout

• Your business is running you & you want to burn it to the ground

• Choosing between business & life

You've spent valuable time, money, energy and resources

only to still be stuck with a business that doesn't bring you


You are tired of choosing between business & life

Your business has been running you. You created this business to have more freedom but ultimately you and your business are attached at the hip. Your laptop goes on vacation with you and you can't seem to go a day without checking your email.

You have tried multiple business models & are on the brink of burnout.

The trial and error of the one size fits all advice of building a business is old and outdated. It doesn’t take into consideration who the person is, their unique strengths and how they actually want to support their clients. This ultimately leaves entrepreneurs feeling overwhelmed, overworked and battling the dreaded burnout.

You have quietly contemplated burning your business to the ground.

You have built a business you no longer love because you’ve followed the advice of some guru instead of taking into account how you want to show up and serve clients. The reality is you want to burn it all to the ground and start over again this time honoring yourself.

You don't have to choose between success or freedom, joy or impact...

... you can have them all if you build a business that works around you.

Rather than you working around it.

Caught in a cycle of STUCK...

The reality is the vast majority of advice given in the online marketing world isn’t designed for 9 out of 10 people. The industry doles out one size fits all advice to the masses of entrepreneurs and keeps them on a cycle of stuck. Create this thing, spend eons of time building it, have mediocre success, and then start again with something else. This cycle repeats over and over again and until through trial and error something works or until the entrepreneur throws in the towel.

The one size fits all advice on course launches and programs are old and outdated. This old-school advice doesn’t take into account the individual. It lacks understanding of who the person is, their strengths, how they want to support clients, and their strategy.

This is why so many entrepreneurs struggle with their programs, marketing, sales, mindset and end up feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, and overworked in their business.

I'm sick and tired of the one sized fits all approach to business building.

When we can better understand ourselves and our impact - we can better interact with the world around us. We can build a business based on how we are best suited to serve our clients, we can hire team members based on what helps us better bridge our energy and complement our strengths (rather than guessing), we can utilize our efforts in a more succinct and potent way, and we can improve our key relationships by better understanding others strengths.

I’m sick and tired of the one sized fits all approach and the plug and play b.s. I believe when you FOCUS (follow one course until successful) and build a strategy based on your unique blueprint you can upgrade the definition in your life (or create a high definition life). This means more impact, more success, more freedom, more peace, and more joy...and all that starts with understanding your human design.


It's time to HD your business

Are you ready to tune up the definition in your business

and build an Aligned Business withOUT..


Wasted Time & Money


Let's HD Your Business.

Leverage your human design in business so that you can build a business that sparks joy (so that you don’t end up burning it to the ground)

This 10-week group program is going to teach you the fundamentals of Human design and action steps on implementing your strategy to tune up your business.

Get to know How you are Designed

Build Better understanding of yourself so that you can more effective decisions …..


Create a strategy, marketing plan, systems and team around your energy to create the biggest impact.

Finally create Freedom & Spark Joy

Cultivate more joy, freedom, and alignment by HD'ing Your Biz.

Entrepreneurs who want to utilize human design in their business, better understand themselves and build a business that brings them a life in high definition.

Entrepreneurs who want to utilize human design in their business, better understand themselves and build a business that brings them a life in high definition.

It's time to turn up the definition in your life and HD Your Business. In this 10 week program I will teach you to leverage your human design and then transition your business into an aligned one that sparks joy again.

• 10 Week Group Coaching Program

• HD’ING Your Biz Ecosystem Workbook

• HD Business Transition GPS

• Live Q & A to support you

The HD Your Biz Way

1. The Profiles Made Simple -

Finding Clarity & Understanding on your chart. The 12 profiles are a key element in the human design system that allows for clarity around our unique blueprint for how we interact with the world around us. This is the basis for bringing more clarity to your life.

3. Your Decision Making Strategy

Understanding your unique decision-making process and how best you team up with others is a key part of the Human Design System.

5. HD BIZ Synthesis

You've learned the different parts of your human how do you put that into action. In this section, we will discuss strategies to bring your human design to the real world, mindful implementation and more so that you can seamlessly begin to transition your business (and life) in higher definition.

7. Biodiversity Marketing & Regenerative Sales...

Bring your human design blueprint to the marketing and sales aspect of your business. Ever follow up with a prospect only to be ghosted? Ever close a deal and regret it later on? Yup. You were operating out of strategy. In this section, we will distill down how best to show up in the online space based on. your unique human design blueprint. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to alignment.

9. Potent Productivity...

Do you know how you are designed to work? Do you know if you should be focusing on multiple things at once or only one thing at a time? Do you like to go deep or are you more of a surface-level person? In this module, we will share productivity tips for each of the different human design types.

2. The Types Defined -

Learn about the 5 different human design types and how they show up in the world. Better understanding the other types as well as your own will bring more clarity to your business.

4. Centers Unleashed..

Do you ever feel like you are not yourself? In this section, we cover the 9 centers of human design and why you might not feel like yourself. Along with strategies on getting back to you.

6. Environment

Business Models, Decision Making & LaunchingThe foundation of turning up the definition in your life.. You don’t need 7 courses or programs to be successful. You need one or two - but which one or two is hard to discern. In this module, we will distill the different models for each Human Design Profile so that you can better understand what works best for you based on your strengths

8. Growth Systems

Building systems doesn't have to be a complex and overwhelming process when you are building on how you are best designed to operate. Not all systems are for every person. In this section, we will discern which systems are right for you and which will be most supportive to you as you grow and scale your business. We will also cover which are the must-haves to create more freedom.

10. Sustainable Plan

Have you ever brought on a new team member only to have it later become a nightmare? I've been there. In this section, we will discuss how best to hire based on your profile, bridging your energy, and more.

This is THE ONLY course for bridging your



For a limited time, I am offering the BETA pricing for this launch. This will be the first and only time I offer this LIVE program at this price.

Normally, I will be charging $997 for this program but with BLACK FRIDAY + BETA Launch I decided to offer it for you CAN'T-MISS THIS, NO BRAINER PRICE of $197.

Here's what you receive as part of the HD Your Business Program

This is a LIVE 10 Week Group program where we will dive into human design and how to apply it in your business to create a more aligned business (and life).

  • The HD Your Biz Way
  • 10 Weeks of Q & A Calls
  • Facebook Support Community
  • Human Design Your Business Workbook
  • Audio Version of the Course
  • Human Design Ecosystem Map
  • Journal Prompts for HD'ing Your Business

Join Now and Get these Amazing Bonus Items!

BONUS - Brigitte Knight on Relationships

Brigitte Knight will be hosting a workshop on relationships and your human design. She will share her years of experience and how to leverage your HD profile inside of your relationships.

Bonus Getting Started with HD Call

This bonus call gives you some action steps for getting started with human design in your business before the formal course begins. We will review each of the different types and profiles and have one action item for each person to start implementing.

Bonus 2022 Goal Setting and Planning Sesh

In this LIVE masterclass, I will take you through step by step my goal-setting process and planner for meeting and exceeding your goals each and every quarter. We will map out your 2022 marketing and business plan.

Surprise Special Guest Mindset Training

I know just how much mindset impacts growth in your business and we have a special to-be-announced guest expert joining us to talk about the roadblocks that often hold you back in growing your business and taking action on the things that move you forward.

Are you ready to Human Design Your Business?

Beta Launch Bonus Items

Gates & Channels Workshop

This is a workshop where we will dive into the gates and channels inside the human design charts where you can understand how the energy flows in your chart and a basic understanding of what the different gates and channels mean.

Bonus Number Two

This is a done for you customized snapshot of your human design profile, type, authority and definition. It will include recommendations for both your unique human design blueprint along with recommendations in your business and marketing efforts.

Bonus Number Three

Not sure what it sounds like to inform? Need to know what responding is like? Waiting for the invitation, now what? I've got you covered with Strategy in the real world swipe Files.

Bonus Number Four

In this workshop, I will share with you how to identify your purpose within your human design chart and share with you how this impacts your life and business. In this class, we will go through each attendees' chart and dive deeper.